Trilogy Adult Services, LLC is a bridge for adults with special needs and behavioral challenges to their community.  Trilogy provides employment, functional academic and recreational opportunities.  Clients are offered employment with Lujan and Lee Commercial Services.  Personalized achievement goals are created with clear methods of documenting progress while providing appropriate benchmarks and boundaries.  Goals are incorporated into daily schedules and community outings to parks, museums and restaurants are earned by completing scheduled activities.

The name Trilogy is derived from the three main categories where client support is provided: academic, vocational and recreational experiences. While utilizing Trilogy’s support each client has the opportunity to exercise their own individual choices. Behavioral support plans are in place (as needed) and faded to maximize each client’s community experience. Daily clients complete a schedule that includes self documentation of their personalized goals. While documenting the completion of their goals reinforcers chosen by the clients are earned as well. The daily schedule is a vehicle to help each client maximize their potential while being governed by their choices. This combination of programing and community opportunities creates a unique program that is as individualized as each of its clients.

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